Kissing 1D Behind The Scenes!

Don’t mind if I do!

And do…and do…and do…oh! I’m sorry, I really need to learn to keep those thoughts to myself.  AWKWARD.

Aaanyway, as we all know, the dreamy boys of One Direction made people worldwide squee with delight when they released their newest video for “Kiss You,” (which you can check out here…just try not to wake up all the dogs in the neighborhood like I did.)  The fun video featured countless fun scenarios that we’ve all secretly (or in my case, not so secretly,) fantasized about, with everything from the boys surfing, (shirtless, obviously,) to jailhouse rock-inspired dance numbers, to tweaking each other’s nipples (you really didn’t think that we’d let that one go unsaid, did you?)

Now, 1D has made our days once again by releasing a behind the scenes look at the making of “Kiss You,” and, as promised by the boys, it’s filled with utter ridiculousness!  While I won’t give too much away, I will say that it’s revealed that all five boys always end up breaking something (besides hearts,) on the set, and that Louis has been banned from driving sequences after breaking two cars!  Check out the video below, and just TRY not to smile.

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