Selena Gomez Makes Justin Bieber Cry, Laughs About It

selena gomez, justin beiber, david letterman
If you were wondering who’s taking the breakup better, I think the past month has made it fairly clear.  While Justin Bieber has been off tweeting about the “worst birthday” ever, fainting at shows, and yelling at paparazzi, Selena Gomez has been soaking up the spotlight with all of the Spring Breakers excitement and laughing about her most recent ex in the public eye.

Gomez appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to promote her new movie, but as all celebrity interviews do, the discussion took a personal turn when Letterman asked the starlet about her love life.  He brought up her ex, Bieber’s last time on his show, and how “he said something, and I said something, and he said something, and I said something, and I made him cry.”  Not a very detailed account of the incident, but Gomez just laughed and responded playfully, yet proudly, “Well then, that makes two of us.”

The two shared a fist-bump, solidifying Gomez’s claim that she is “so good” in her single state.  So, which side are you on?  Team Selena Gomez or Team Justin Bieber?  Now that Gomez has dumped “The Scene” from her musical act, she may need new supporters.  We know the Beliebers are still going strong, but hopefully they take it easy with the threats this time around.

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