Axl Rose Knocks Out Fan’s Two Front Teeth

axl rose, guns n' roses
Guns N’ Roses shows really are a jungle.  All 39-year-old fan Darren Wright wanted for the Perth show was his two front teeth (and maybe to hear his favorite songs live or something), but Axl Rose had other plans for him.  Fine, it wasn’t on purpose, but given a second of thought, it’s fairly easy to determine that not much good can come out of throwing a cordless microphone into a packed crowd at a rock show.  Still, Rose wound up and let ‘er rip.

Wright recounted the tooth shattering experience for The West Australian:

With the bright lights and explosions, I couldn’t see anything…The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the mouth. I thought I had been punched. I was quite stunned and it took a few seconds to realize what was going on. I could feel bits of teeth in my mouth. Then someone is climbing through my legs to grab the microphone.

Wright isn’t holding the damage against Rose, except for in dental repair costs.  He doesn’t think the singer “intended to do it,” so he is only planning on filing suit for 5,000 AUD ($5186 USD).  “At the very least, I want someone to pay to get my teeth fixed,” stated the fan.

Tour promoter Andrew McManus offered Wright a signed microphone as an apology for the incident, which Wright rejected, responding “I don’t think a microphone is going to fix my teeth.”  BURN.

Guns N’ Roses finishes up their tour of Australia with ZZ Top on March 20th.  Ticket holders, beware; Axl Rose has a microphone and he knows how to use it…maybe.

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