Bowling For Soup – Lunch. Drunk. Love.

Bowling For Soup

Bowling for Soup may not have the longevity as other bands but they sure have the passion with their fan funded new album “Lunch. Drunk. Love.” set to be released on September 10th. Bowling for Soup was around since the 90s but didn’t start getting recognition until 2002. With a few hits here and there they hit it big with their most well known song “1985” which went platinum. After that Bowling For Soup struggled staying as relevant and didn’t have much success following that brief period. Here they are with their 14th album that was completely fan funded. The fans were also allowed to here all the songs during the bands writing process as well as choose the title of the album. The very fan heavy band looks to make a comeback with this new album but mainly they are looking to please their fans with new music.

Track Listing

1. Critically Disdained

2. Since We Broke Up

3. Real

4. From The Rooftops

5. Circle

6. Normal Chicks

7. I Am Waking Up Today

8. Couple Of Days

9. And I Think You Like Me Too

10. Envy

11. How Far Can This Go

12. Right About Now

13. Kevin Weaver

Here’s their new song “Since We Broke Up”

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