Rihanna’s Fashion Week Debut Not So “Phresh Out The Runway”

Everyone’s favorite pot-smoking-pop-princess, Justin Bieber Rihanna, recently made her Fashion Week debut with her “River Island Collection,” and it’s gottenwell, not-so-flattering reviews.  The looks are being described by many as “horrific,” “ghastly,” and worst of all, “porny.”


While Rihanna is well-known for her unique fashion sense, with her day-to-day outfits ranging from a half-soldier’s uniform to a marijuana maxi dress, she is generally one to impress on the red carpet.  So, after making countless “Best Dressed” lists during previous years, you can only imagine the surprise when outfits like this were chosen for her runway show:

…Umm…okay. I guess I get where she was going with this, but…still.  Stick to music, Chris Brown (or, ya know, NOT,) and being pretty, RiRi. Thanks!

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