Christina Aguilera Rejoining ‘The Voice!’

christina aguilera, the voice
The “genie in a bottle” has granted our wish!  Christina Aguilera is returning to The Voice for season five!

christina aguilera, the voice
The show has kept very hush-hush about who will appear on the judges panel next season, but it’s looking like a return to the original four.  Cee Lo Green is supposedly on the verge of working out a deal to have himself back in the big red chair as well, and Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are expected to keep their seats (what would we do without their banter/sexual tension)?

Shakira and Usher were warmly welcomed and have held their own as replacement judges for season four, but everybody loves a reunion.  Well, almost everybody.

shakira, the voice, christina aguilera
Aguilera’s Lotus may have not performed as well on the charts as she would have hoped, but we’re all excited to see her back on TV, and hey, she’s looking amazing lately.  If it counts for anything, Christina, thought “Your Body” was a great song.

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