Vampire Weekend Reveals Their 3rd Album “Lemon Sounds?”

There was much speculation about Vampire Weekend’s 3rd outting, and how it was meant to be released May 7th. However, today their seemed to more pieces to the puzzle being revealed. A website called lemonsounds, sports a Vampire Weekend album cover and tracklist for said Lemon Sounds. According to Pigeons And Planes, XL Recordings is saying this is fake, but who knows? There is also a teaser trailer posted, which you can check below. Stick around for more details as they come about.

Lemon Sounds

1. Flutter
2. Obvious Bicycle
3. South First
4. Day In
5. Unbelievers
6. Diane Young
7. Wild Thyme
8. Coastal
9. Break of Day
10. Trotting

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