Korn Makes A Sick Fan’s Dreams Come True

The hard-rocking members of Korn have always been known as very fan-friendly, and they certainly lived up to that name after receiving a request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation this past October. The request was from Korn superfan Tyler Sims suffers from Lupus, an auto-immune disease that causes arthritic pain and other excruciating physical ailments. Sims wrote into the foundation asking for help to make his dream of meeting the band come true, as he had felt a deep connection with them since first hearing their music at age 10. The Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to make Sims dream come true, and flew him and his family out to Phoenix to meet the band and watch the concert from the side of the stage! Although this happened back in October, no one has seen the heartwarming interaction between Korn and Sims until now. A video has just been released documenting the adventure, which you can check out below.

WARNING: you WILL tear up, so you might want to grab some tissues now.

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