Lana Del Rey Covers “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″ by Leonard Cohen

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I feel like I am constantly hearing new covers of “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″ by Leonard Cohen, but I’m not complaining.  The song is beautiful, and apparently works with almost any vocal style.  Lana Del Rey is the newest to cover the classic 1974 song, and she does an excellent job, if I do say so myself.

The dimly lit video perfectly sets the mood for the sullen acoustic guitar and Del Rey’s sultry voice.  The singer makes use of her low register and keeps it simple, never straying too far from the original version of the song.  Unlike in her other visually impressive videos, this video solely focuses on Del Rey sitting and singing in one location, which is nice to see.

What’s your favorite rendition of the song?  I’ve always been particularly fond of Regina Spektor’s, but my newfound love for Lana Del Rey has me swooning over this new recording.  Take a listen:

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