Snowflake – We All Grow Towards The Sea

Snowflake We All Grow Towards The Sea

Producer and mixer D. James Goodwin, (AKA Snowflake,) has just released his debut album, “We All Grow Towards The Sea!” Goodwin, who has manned the boards for artists such as Norah Jones, Naki King, and Devo, recorded and produced the record all on his own time, all by himself, and it is masterful! Inspired by the trials and tribulations of everyday life, Goodwin channels the sounds of art-rock legends Pink Floyd, all with a dose of unbridled creativity.  “We All Grow Towards The Sea” is a conundrum in every sense of the word: every time you think you know the feel of a certain song, it changes enough to completely flip the mood. Tracks like “Bombs” will take you from gloom to explosions in no time, while “Hurricane” transforms from simple to orchestral. No matter the track, one thing is for sure: you will finish listening to this record with a renewed sense of determination and creativity, all thanks to the boundless imagination of its creator.

Track Listing:

  1. Bombs
  2. Hurricane
  3. 15 Degrees And The Sea Is Quiet
  4. Black Stars
  5. Initials
  6. Defeat At The Hands Of An Amateur
  7. Snakes And Spiders
  8. Stop Signs For The Broken Hearted
  9. Dots (We All Grow Towards The Sea)

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