Krewella Free EP Download? “Come & Get It!”

Krewella Free EP Download

New Krewella, “come & get” your new FREE Krewella!

Do I have everyone’s attention yet? Good, because these remixes are AMAZING. The EP perfectly showcases the mix of sultry vocals and unique EDM styles that have had fans begging for more since the groups beginning in 2007. Lovers off all genres will come flocking to hear the Krewella’s classic EDM sound with a little something more, and I, personally, can’t get enough of it!

While I like to think that I’m generally pretty picky when it comes to remixes of already-fantastic songs (why mess with perfection and all,) I couldn’t help but love one in particular. If you’re looking for a chill-inducing twist on a classic pop sound, look no further than track #3, the “Razihel Remix,” which has a touch of Ellie Goulding-sounding backing track paired with drops that would make Skrillex green with envy.

No matter what your personal taste happens to be, make sure to take a listen to all of the remixes below. I promise you won’t regret it!

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