Gavin DeGraw – Make A Move

Gavin Degraw Make A Move

Everyone’s favorite definition of “boyfriend material,” Gavin DeGraw, has just graced us with his fifth studio album “Make A Move,” and it’s amazing.

Me (and my multiple personalities) hearing the album.

Me (and my multiple personalities) hearing the album.

Gavin is just as romantic as ever, managing to make listeners everywhere swoon with his heartfelt lyrics, soft mix of piano and guitar, and dreamy voice.  The album does raise a couple of questions though, such as:

  1. Why isn’t Gavin DeGraw my boyfriend?
  2. Who inspired the songs about heartbreak? I’ll beat her ass.
  3. Is it technically considered stalking if I just hide out in his bushes? I wouldn’t be a bother, I promise!

While the entire album is fantastic, one of the best tracks is “Finest Hour,” which follows a drunken one night stand that turns to romance (just make sure to not get any ideas…don’t do anything SpaceJam wouldn’t do!) “Finest Hour” shows Gavin’s still got his range from years ago along with his quirky sense of humor. Another track to check out is the dubstep-inspired “Different For Girls,” which is an adorably clueless take on how crushing is different for both sexes. Lastly, be sure to crank your speakers to “Leading Man,” a track reminiscent of oldschool Gavin with a hard rock edge (and really, who doesn’t like a bad boy?)

In conclusion: Gavin…

Let Me Love You Gif

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