Anacondas – Sub Contra Blues

Anacondas Sub Contra Blues

My fellow rock lovers, this one is for you! Anacondas debut album, “Sub Contra Blues” is filled to the brim with growled-out lyrics, heavy riffs, and eardrum-shattering percussion that will have you headbanging in no time! Formed back in 2010 from the remains of English band Johnny Truant, Anacondas is brothers Stuart (guitars) and James Hunter (bass) along with mutual friend Tim Newman on drums. The trash-inducing trio has been described as:

“Huge riffs, provoking resonant passages and driving rhythms draw influence from bands such as Cave-In, Pelican, Alice In Chains and Meshuggah yet with a distinctly British edge which to these ears reminds somewhat of a post-metal Swervedriver, which can only be a good thing.”

A good thing, indeed! “Sub Contra Blues” is nothing short of a stellar debut from a genre that is one of the hardest to master.  Anacondas manage to perfect a combination of sludge, grunge, thrash, punk, and stoner metal in every track, while still remaining strangely melodic. Signed to Prosthetic Records in the early summer of 2013, Anacondas are clearly headed for stardom. Slither on over to their bandcamp where you can download the albums first single, “Cold Blooded, Warm Hearted,” and be sure to pick up “Sub Contra Blues” October 15th!

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