Labrinth – Beneath Your Beautiful EP


English singer-songwriter Labrinth looks to crossover to the US with his new EP titled “Beneath Your Beautiful” that was released on August 27th. Normally a producer, Labrinth began to break out as a solo act in 2010 with the release of his successful album in 2012 in the UK. He has had much success in the UK so far and with the crossover hit “Beneath Your Beautiful” with Emeli Sande, Labrinth looks to use that momentum with the release of his new EP, his first release in the US. Labrinth mixes Pop, R&B, Electronic and lots of drums and guitars on this release and the 6 song EP does a great job at showing what he has to offer.

The biggest and crossover title track “Beneath Your Beautiful” featuring Emeli Sande is the best track off this EP. It is very powerful song and the vocals between the two sound extremely well. This song just recently began getting steam in the US and has already gone Platinum in the UK so I can only see it going up now.

Another top track off the EP is “Treatment” a rock and dance sounding track that sound great along with Labrinth’s vocals. Tinie Tempah lends a hand on another top track off the EP titled “Earthquake”. It has a crazy beat to it that has some of a urban/dance feel to it. It’s very EDM with lots of drum and bass beats and sounds very different from the power ballad “Beneath Your Beautiful”

Overall Labrinth looks to have a promising career ahead of his because not only does he have a wonderful voice but he is also very versatile. Only on this 6 song EP you here drums, guitars, electronic beats and piano ballads. He goes from pouring his soul out on ballad “Beneath Your Beautiful” to making people dance with his big song “Earthquake” with Tinie Tempah. Besides the ones I mentioned their are a couple other good songs off this EP and I could see Labrinth continuing his success and look forward to hearing more of him.

His music video for “Beneath Your Beautiful” featuring Emeli Sande

His music video for “Earthquake” featuring Tinie Tempah

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