Britney Spears Releases Catchy New Track, “Ooh La La!”

Britney Spears Smurfs 2 Wallpaper

The beautiful and talented Britney Spears is feeling blue in the best way possible today, as her new single off the upcoming Smurfs 2 movie soundtrack, “Ooh La La” has just been released!  Although the film is not due out until July 31st and stars Neil Patrick Harris and Katy Perry, is already causing quite the buzz with it’s star-studded soundtrack, and who better to start off the releases than Britney?! It’s been nearly a month since Spears posted a tweet that got tongues wagging for the song:

“Remember that surprise song I recorded for my boys? It’s coming soon! “Ooh La La” for The Smurfs 2 :) Stay tuned for more…”

And now it’s finally here, and was DEFINITELY worth the wait! The catchy pop track is perfect for a family-friendly kids movie, and has Britney singing about being yourself and not being held back by insecurities.  Don’t think it’s all rainbows and butterflies though, as with many a Brit Brit song, we manage to get juuuuust the right amount of sass to spice up the track.  All in all…

Britney Spears Love It Gif

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