M.I.A. Releases New Single, “Bring The Noize”


M.I.A. is back with her new single, “Bring The Noize”. For all you “Bad Girls” fans out there, hold up for a second. “Bring The Noize” is nothing like M.I.A.’s previous single. It’s fast, danceworthy, and it may come off sounding a bit like Die Antwoord towards the beginning. Yet at the same time, it resonates as something that would be played as people clad in loincloths prance around a giant bonfire. Which I think is completely appropriate, especially if those people are headed to a club afterwards.
“Bring The Noize” is off of M.I.A.’s fourth studio LP Mantangi, which will be coming out this fall. In addition, M.I.A. will be doing some touring from July to September to get you into the Mantangi state of mind.


I can really see myself driving to this song. Or working out to it. Or cleaning the house. I want to play it a lot.

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