Warm Soda – Someone For You

Warm Soda‘s debut album, Someone For You is a catchy glam garage rock gem that is sure to be a soundtrack to the summer. Fast, soaring guitar riffs lay under the soft echoed vocals of Matthew Melton, all packaged within a 27 minute long aged cassette tape. The title track “Someone For You” is the instant standout of the album, a 2 minute power pop garage rocker that will be stuck in my head for a quite a while. Songs like “Sour Grapes” and “Lola” sort of even remind me of the late Girls (RIP). There is also a lingering Strokes vibe that can be heard within much of the tracks on Someone For You. The album’s short length is perfect for repeat listens, and the album is just poppy enough that it won’t get too stale after listening to it over and over. All in all, it may not be anything mindblowing, but if you’re looking for a fun album to drive to or chill in warm (soda) weather with, check it out. Someone For You is now available on Thee Oh See’s front man, John Dwyer’s label Castle Face.

Someone for You – Warm Soda

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