Make Sure Wild Belle Is On Your Summer Playlist

Wild Belle Wallpaper

Even though Wild Belle put out their debut album earlier in March, the songs on “Isles” seem more and more appropriate as the warmer weather rolls in. With elements of funk, reggae, and jazz, it’s totally music you can vibe out to while laying on the beach and drinking out of a coconut. Some key tracks include “Keep You”, “Backslider”, and “It’s Too Late”.¬†Natalie Bergman, the lead vocals of the group, comes off sounding a bit like the raspy, indie lovechild of Lana Del Rey and Zooey Deschanel,¬†stranded on an island with a saxophone and a tambourine. So yeah, I completely approve of Wild Belle. I’m super excited to hear more stuff from them down the road.
The brother-sister duo will be playing at Lollapalooza this August (Sunday, August 4th. At 1:30 PM. Not that I looked it up or anything), so if you’re going, make sure you give this band your full attention for at a least a song or two. Please. Do it for me. Just this once.

Keep You – Wild Belle from ItsGutz on Vimeo.

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