Mike Posner Back With A Pop Sound In His New Single

Mike Posner The Way It Used To Be

If I were to have heard this on the radio I most likely would have never in a million years thought this was Mike Posner.

Yes, he has ventured into pop but no way near as deep as this single “The Way It Used To Be”. It has a sort of Owl City electronic sound which is not something you’d expect from Mike Posner. With songs such as “Please Don’t Go” and “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” with Lil Wayne, Posner has always been more of an R&B/Rap sound with hints of an electronic sound but here he has gone all out pop/electronic.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a terrible song by any means it is just a bit unexpected. It’s actually a catchy song and also has a perfect sound for the summer.

The singer-songwriter has had success before with multiple hits from his first album and also gets credit for writing for big artist from Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber to Snoop Dogg and Big Sean.

This is Mike Posner’s first and most successful single “Cooler Than Me”

Now this is his new lyric video for “The Way It Used To Be”

What do you think about the difference and the new sound?

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