Justin Timberlake Prepping for New Single and New Album

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is back in the studio not only getting ready to release his third single “Tunnel Vision” from his album The 20/20 Experience but is also back in the studio getting ready to release a new album set for later this fall.

It’s no surprise “Tunnel Vision” was chosen as a single since it is one of the strongest songs from his album. The track has Timbaland all over it of course much like his last album. Here’s hoping this song isn’t way overplayed much like his last single “Mirrors”

His new album set for this fall will be titled The 20/20 Experience Volume 2 a continuation of his last album and is already in the studio for it with big names like Pharrell, Nas and of course Timbaland.

Justin Timberlake Pharell Williams

Pharrell had a big hand in the creation of Justin Timberlakes’ solo debut album Justified so with him Nas and Timbaland this new album may just be his best yet.

It’s been a big year for not only Justin Timberlake but Pharrell as well and it looks to be continuing with this new project.

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