Review: Splashh – “Comfort”

splashh - comfort

Splashh’s debut Comfort perfectly reflects summer from it’s great cover artwork (done by Leif Podhajsky), to it’s sun drenched dose of lo-fi pop, and obvious song titles like “Lemonade” and “Vacation.” A carefree and warm weather vibe is one of the deep visuals this band’s sound puts out as you listen to the 10 track album. Splashh is the brain child of Toto Vivian and Sasha Carlson, forming in early 2012. UK, Australia, and New Zealand become temporary homes for the band, and songs like “Vacation” can easily reflect the bands desire to travel and be out of sight, out of mind for a little while.

Fuzzy Guitars soar above the chunky bass riffs and distant vocals creating a very welcome dreamy, nostalgic sound. And while 4 of the 10 songs have already been released over the course of 2012, they perfectly blend into the album’s new tracks creating one great, warm lo-fi pop album. A solid debut from a very promising band.

Comfort will be release on June 4th via Kanine Records, but can be streamed in full now. Check it out below.

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