Katy Perry Debuts Killer Queen Fragrance

katy perry, killer queen, fragrance
Katy Perry is no stranger to the fragrance game.  She has seen enough success with her previous two perfumes, Purr and Meow, that she’s back again with a third scent, Killer Queen.

Killer Queen comes in an elegant, red crystal bottle with a golden top.  Classy, classy.  To keep up with the sophisticated theme, Perry launched the fragrance at the James B. Duke Mansion in New York, where she sat upon a throne in a Thom Browne gown with plenty of expensive and glittery jewelry and nail art to spare.  The singer had a blast at the event and shared her excitement with her Twitter followers:

No word on what the “royal juice” will smell like yet, but if it involves Katy Perry, it’s sure to be at least a little sweet.  Check out another picture of KP from the launch below!

katy perry, killer queen

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