Karmin Go ‘Acapella’ for New Single

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Karmin has a new single!  You know, the duo with the fast-rapping, suicide roll-sporting vocalist?  Ah, yes.  “Acapella” is the name of the track, but you won’t be spotting Amy Heidemann’s famous hairdo in the lyric video (and not just because she dyed it blonde and ditched the roll).  Karmin keeps it simple with silhouettes and vocals only, proving their talents for their fall 2013 album.

Heidemann lightly discussed the song:

‘Acapella’ was created almost exclusively with human voices…We flipped the original meaning of Acapella to mean ‘D.I.Y.’ or should we say ‘D.I.A. – Do It Acapella!

The song may be “almost exclusively” acapella, but that doesn’t mean it’s a slow crooner.  It’s still fun and beckons listeners to sing along via Heidemann’s phrasing, similar to the duo’s single, “Brokenhearted,” but with a much funkier, unique sound.  She sings about life/love lessons from her parents, and how money doesn’t matter when “the harmony goes fallin’ out of key.”  The lyric video features the silhouettes of Heidemann and bandmate Nick Noonan singing, dancing, and messing around with an assortment of props, and has left me wondering, yet again, just how intricate lyric videos can get until they’re just straight-up music videos.

Karmin also announced just a few hours ago that they will be touring with the Jonas Brothers this summer.  You can find all of the dates/ticketing information here.

So, check out “Acapella” below and let us know if you like this new sound!

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