One Direction to Take Replica Scooby Doo Mystery Machine on Tour

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One Direction, where are you?  We’ve got some tour dates to play now…

The boys of One Direction will be spending the summer in the United States on tour, and they want to spend their time in America in style.  Psychedelic 70’s style, that is.  The boy band is reportedly spending around $100,000 to have their own working replica of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine made for the tour.  So much for discrete.

The van will have its own personal touch with a 1D logo and a 21st century touch of modern technology to keep the group entertained. A source explained how excited the guys are about the idea, regardless of whether or not it even makes it to the U.S.:

The guys are desperate to have it shipped over to America so it can join them on tour. Scooby’s obviously a U.S. import and massive out there so they know the van will be a hit with both the fans – and their mums…If management decide it’s too expensive and impractical then they’ll simply keep it as a fun vehicle for travelling from city to city over here.

Hopefully the van gets the “OK” from management, because imagine having real photos of 1D in the Mystery Machine rather than my poorly photoshopped ones?  Yes.  Much better.

So, now that we know the band’s love for all things Scooby, how many of you ladies are going to show up to the concerts dressed as Daphne?  Hurry, to the costume store!

one direction, scooby doo

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