Skrillex and Diplo to Collaborate as ‘Jack U’

skrillex, diplo, jack u, edm
LIKE, OMG.  JACK U IS PLAYING THE MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY THIS YEAR?  CAN’T WAIT…wait, wait…who the hell is Jack U?  Thanks to a pretty clear tweet from Diplo, we now have substantial reason to be excited:

Skrillex and Diplo…TOGETHER, you say?  Now THIS is an EDM superduo.  Everyone attending the San Diego (and final) “party” will not want to miss out on that set.  We can’t wait to hear some hopefully professionally recorded live Jack U, or maybe even some studio hits?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but it’s hard to not imagine all of the possibilities.

The Mad Decent Block Party begins in Canada on July 19 and will continue until September 15, when we’ll finally get to see the duo in action.  Now, we can only await more information about the act, such as whether their name is a reference to someone or simply a sexual innuendo.  Hey, I said it was hard not to imagine all of the possibilities.

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