Porter Robinson Accused Of Inciting A Riot

Porter Robinson Accused Of Inciting A Riot Wallpaper

Well…this is unexpected! DJ Porter Robinson’s set was cut short this past weekend during the Matador Music Festival in Santa Barbara, California.  Robinson, who was scheduled to play through 11:30 pm, was apparently asked by city police to stop playing, and when he did not comply to their wishes, had the plug pulled on the entire set.  He was in the middle of his smash hit, “Language,” and was attempting to finish the song before cooperating with authorities.  After the incident, the always-level-headed producer took to twitter to explain:

Porter Robinson Tweet

Porter Tweet

Porter TweetRobinson Tweet

Porter Robinson Tweet

…Yikes. Well, it may be true that the police are not on your side, Porter, but we sure are! Rave on!


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