Armin Van Buuren Going Dubstep On New Album

Armin van Buuren Intense Artwork

What does Armin van Buuren do now that he has completely conquered trance?  He sets out to conquer other genres, of course!  Darlin’ Armin shocked trance lovers everywhere recently when he announced that for his next project, appropriately titled, “Intense,” he would be moving away from his roots and producing dubstep.  Back when the album was first announced, Armin gave fans a glimpse into his new sound, saying:

“It’s been an intense 2 years in the making. Being a perfectionist, some of these tracks have taken me months to finish. I’ve tried to incorporate as many real instruments as possible, including a live orchestra and the rock band of my brother Eller, Bagga Bownz. It’s been an honor to work with such talented artists, singers and songwriters.”

Now, he is giving us even more information on “Intense,” telling RadioOne:

“The main sound is a combination of more house-y electro stuff, and of course trance. Some rock influence, even a little bit of dubstep and classical music in there”

So, in addition to dubstep, we get classical music, house, and electro?  Sounds good, can’t wait to hear it!  Mark your calendars, “Intense” drops May 3rd!

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