Two Door Cinema Club Go Headfirst in ‘Handshake’ Video

two door cinema club, handshake
Irish “alteronica” band (as they’ve dubbed themselves) Two Door Cinema Club have released their heady new video for “Handshake,” a synthy single off their 2012 release, Beacon.

Whoever said “heads will roll” wasn’t kidding.  The music video for “Handshake” focuses around a competitive game of bowling, but the band members’ cleanly chopped off and refrigerated heads fly down the lanes instead of bowling balls.  Nothing seems out of the ordinary in the video, even with the weirdness of the heads remaining sentient and needed a swig of water every once in a while.  The heads don’t seem to mind and even try to help out with what little they can do, making the video much more comical than disturbing.

Two Door Cinema Club only has two albums, but their popularity is immense for a fresh indie band.  With songs and videos like this, it’s only a matter of time until they’re blasting out of everyone’s earbuds.  Check out their site for more about the band, and watch the video for “Handshake” below!

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