The Musgraves – ‘You That Way I This Way’ Album Review

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The Musgraves are a four-piece from the UK, prepping to release their debut album, “You That Way I This Way,” in the US next week on OK! Good Records.  After multiple listen-throughs of the exclusive album stream, we’re sure that this group is going to be huge in the states, and we don’t want anyone missing out.

The Musgraves are described as a “roots-pop” act, but their sound encapsulates so many genres with its unique instrumentation, that it’s hard to really pin down an exact sound.  With violin, banjo, and glockenspiel thrown into the mix, “You That Way I This Way” calls on indie, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, bluegrass, and even motown to create eleven feel-good tracks that conquer even the catchiest of foot-tappers.  The Musgraves sing about relatable topics, such as heartbreak, in an uplifting way that “could quite possibly be the anti-depressant to the recent surge of bitter-sweet anthems of love and loss.”

Standout tracks include the immediately captivating opener, “The Way You Make Me Want You,” the infectious lead single, “Last Of Me,” and “So Sofia,” a sing/clap along stunner.  “Discover Me” and “Seventeen Days” showcase the band’s quieter side, but not without gallant buildups.  Ultimately, “You That Way I This Way” is a mouthful, but it’s also a wonderful earful of refreshing tunes perfect for sunny spring and summer days.

The album can be fully streamed on the OK! Good YouTube channel (here), and can be purchased on the label’s site (here).  “You That Way I This Way” releases in the US on April 16.

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