Jimmy Eat World Info for New Album, ‘Damage’

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Veterans of emo, Jimmy Eat World, are getting ready to release their newest studio album since 2010’s Invented.  They posted the full album information for Damage on their website today.  Damage will be out on June 11, and will contain ten (probably) amazing tracks:

1. Appreciation
2. Damage
3. Lean
4. Book of Love
5. I Will Steal You Back
6. Please Say No
7. How’d You Have Me
8. No, Never
9. Byebyelove
10. You Were Good

Jimmy Eat World has been consistently releasing music and touring over the past couple of decades (wow), seeing mainstream success with songs like “The Middle,” yet remaining true to themselves and their devoted fans.  You can see the cover art for Damage below:

Too minimal?  Just right?  You tell me.  You can sign up here for pre-order information.

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