All Of Metallica’s “Yeah’s” Compiled Into One Track

Metallica James Hetfield Yeah Supercut Compilation

Well happy Friday to us indeed!

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Palm Springs afternoon radio DJ Kevin Conklin impressed Metallica fans worldwide when his impressive compilation of every single one of James Hetfield’s legendary “YEAAAAAAAAAAH!”s from their 1983 “Kill ‘Em All” debut through the band’s 2008 release, “Death Magnetic.”  The diehard metalhead explains the making of his masterpiece, which took about two weeks to complete:

“I knew Metallica’s 31st anniversary was coming up because I’m a diehard Metallica fan and I kinda just wanted to do something to put out to social media. I would schedule music and run Cool Edit (recording software) in the background and hit F8 every time I heard a ‘yeah.’ Some of the Metallica songs are just so long I actually had to set time aside to listen to the whole thing.”

He continues:

“I kinda just did it for me. I thought maybe I could get thousand plays on it, but it’s exceeded all of my expectations for sure.”

I’ll say!  Once the media got ahold of the cut, Conklin’s work exploded, currently having over 257,000 views.  As for the ultimate stamp of approval? Conklin admits:

“I said that if anybody from the Metallica camp contacts me on Twitter, I am quitting Twitter…because it doesn’t get any better than that.”

You can check out the incredible headbanging supercut below!

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