Stream PSY’s New Song – “Gentleman”

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The follow-up to the song with the most-watched YouTube video of all time, “Gangnam Style,” is finally here!  PSY brings us “Gentleman,” a new dance jam with some ambiguous lyrics.

In “Gentleman,” PSY sings in both English and Korean, with a one line chorus that says “I’m a mother, father gentleman,” which, of course, sounds much less G-rated when the rapper’s accent comes into play.  How devious.

The song is fun and I can hear the remixes being spun already, but it does sound a little…familiar.  As in, it sounds a lot like “Gangnam Style.”  The buildups to “I’m a mother, father gentlemen” and to “oppa gangnam style” are extremely similar.  Guess you can’t go wrong with something that’s clearly gotten people’s attention in the past.  We do have to applaud this as the new single choice, since the original plan was go to with “Assarabia.”

PSY will be performing the song live for the first time on April 13th (along with a YouTube stream!) at 5:30 a.m. EDT from the Seoul World Cup Stadium.  Can’t wait to see the dance moves that come with this one.

Listen below!

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