Demi Lovato Posts Album Art and Release Date for “DEMI”

demi lovato, pop, singer
It looks like Demi Lovato is going dark for her new cleverly titled album, DEMI.  The singer seems to be in a good place after some mental health troubles in the past, so we’re hoping the darkness is just a fun gimmick.

The freshly revealed album art is a close-up photo of Lovato (like almost every pop star’s album art), who is covered in silver glitter (Ke$ha, anyone?) with black eyes, nails, lips, brows, hair, and smudges on her head.  She is staring intensely into my soul the camera with her hands up to her face, showing off a few of her (you guessed it) black tattoos.  I will admit, the starlet does manage to look flawless, even covered with the metallic grime.

DEMI is set to release on May 14, and pre-order for the US and Canada starts tomorrow (April 9 worldwide).  You can sign up for updates on the official Demi Lovato website.  With a hit like “Heart Attack” and this fierce new album art, I am expecting great things.

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