Story of the Year Announces Anniversary Tour, Acoustic Album, & More?

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YES!  You read it right!  Story of the Year is back with a ridiculous(ly awesome) amount of news.  The Missouri band has been inactive since 2011, and in their downtime have been “dicking around” and “changing tires,” so it’s no wonder their reunion comes with multiple new projects.

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Story of the Year’s album, Page Avenue, a work of art boasting singles like “Until the Day I Die,” “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” and “Sidewalks.”  These tracks have held up perfectly throughout the last decade as essentials for road trip playlists and nostalgia inducers, and it’s clear that the band recognizes this with their newest announcements:

 To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the album, we will be embarking on a PAGE AVENUE WORLD TOUR. We’ll be playing the album front to back, in its entirety, in addition to some other fan favorites, and a few surprises.

Wait, wait.  There’s more:

In conjunction with the tour, we will be releasing “PAGE AVENUE: 10 Years and Counting”, a full acoustic re-imagining of Page Avenue. It’s borderline inappropriate to call it an acoustic record, because it’s so much more than that. We recorded the album with acoustic guitars, pianos, crazy big drums and really cool, artistic programming and arrangements. It’s a really cool take on these songs that mean so much to us. We will have release dates for the album soon.

No, no.  I’m still not done:

And finally, we just might have to make you a brand new SOTY record after all of this awesomeness.

Phew.  Anniversary tour, acoustic album, and a new album?  Story of the Year is not kidding with this comeback.  The band will be announcing the first round of tour dates tonight, and say that this tour is aimed to be international.  Make sure to check out their website for more details.


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