Mariah Carey Brings Us “Home” In New Music Video

Mariah Carey Almost Home

The beautiful and talented Mariah Carey has finally released the video for “Almost Home” off the “Oz: The Great and Powerful” soundtrack, and as always, has managed to stun me into silence.  Announced on her official Facebook page, the video is a perfect balance of movie clips and fierce Mariah moves, (don’t EVEN act like you’ve never done the “shaking-head-finger-raise”)switching from black and white to color throughout, depending on the tempo, mood, and overall feel of certain song parts.  Queen MiMi looks fabulous as always, donning a flowing black dress and hair that would put a Pantene commercial to shame, confirming the rumors that Mariah is back and better than ever.  You can check out the incredible song and video below, and TRY not to get chills…I dare you.

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