Petula Clark Goes Downtown Once Again

Petula Clark

Petula Who? – you may ask. All of Ms. Clark’s accomplishments may well be lost on you if you were born after 1960. There were plenty, including a Grammy for best Rock Song for her biggest hit “Downtown” which is a hard one to figure out by any standard. Without question Petula Clark had one of the most distinct pop voices of her era which still shines through occasionally on her new album “Lost In You “. While we could easily do without most of the covers and the ill fated attempt at contemporizing her sound with voice processors on the single “Cut Copy Me”, Petula Clark shows off pleasantly mature readings in ballads like the title track and “Next to You” and musters up surprising energy in the country infused “Never Enough”. The album is sure to please listeners who swoon over 70’s Easy Listening Music or are obsessed with classic Pop divas. You might score big points giving this as a present to your Mima.

Lost In You Album Cover

In stores April 2nd.

Track Listing includes:
1. Cut Copy Me
2. Lost In You
3. Crazy
4. Never Enough
5. Downtown (New Version)
6. Next To You
7. Reflections
8. He Loves And She Loves
9. Every Word You Say
10. Imagine
11. Love Me Tender
12. I Won’t Care

Here’s a short interview with Pet about the new album:

And here she is performing the new version of “Downtown” on QVC:

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