Throwback Thursday: The Sex Pistols

I thought we’d head overseas for this edition of Throwback Thursday and honor the kings of the UK punk scene, The Sex Pistols! Along with spearheading the 1970’s British punk movement, The Sex Pistols provoked controversies that took the world by storm with their brash lyrics and overall abrasive demeanor.

Formed in London in 1972, The Sex Pistols were originally comprised of Johnny Rotten (vocals,) Steve Jones (guitar,) Paul Cook (drums,) and Glen Matlock (bass.)  The band was managed under the legendary Malcolm McLaren, who discovered Rotten singing “I’m Eighteen” by Alice Cooper in the London fetish shop, “Sex,” that he co-owned with Vivian Westwood.  The band quickly stole some instruments, (yes…really) and began shocking crowds in early 1975 with songs that showed their disgust with the handling of social and political issues.  With all of the founding members coming from a working-class background, songs like “No Future” offered straightforward commentary on the state of the lives of the non-royals.  Throughout their tumultuous two year stint in the spotlight, the Pistols had multiple bass players, eventually finding the now-notorious Sid Vicious, who helped them solidify their place in punk history, finally giving the group a “look,” while Rotten was known as the “voice.”

Although The Sex Pistols only released one full-length studio album, titled, “Nevermind The Bullocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols,” the band went down in history as the first to truly question society’s rules in such an aggressive manner.  They are cited as the influence of countless other punk bands and are still the go-to band for anarchist inspiration.  You can check out the full, lengthy history of the Pistols here, and in the words of the late, great Sid Vicious, always remember:

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks.  Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible, but don’t let them take you alive!”

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