Lana Del Rey Has Us “Burning With Desire” In New Video

Guess what kids?  It’s time for another confession:

I ADORE Lana del Rey.

There, I said it.  I don’t WANT to like her…but I do.  She classy, sassy, and just a liiiiiittle smart-assy, what’s not to love?!  Because of this, it is my pleasure to announce that the soulful songstress has just released a brand-spankin’-new video today!  The video was released as a part of the ad campaign for Jaguar’s new F-Type car, which Lana is the spokesperson for.  The video manages to capture the style and sophistication that only the awesome pairing of Jaguar and Lana-freaking-Del-Rey could pull off, and is admittedly so catchy, that if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself singing (and badly dancing) along.  Check it out below!

PS – As much as I love her, a Lana Del Rey post would not be complete without this gif. Enjoy!

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