Behind-the-Scenes Look at Hanson’s “Get The Girl Back” Music Video

Yes, Hanson is still alive and kicking, and they have a new star-studded music video on the way.  “Get The Girl Back” is the first single off of the brothers’ upcoming album, and with Kat Dennings, Nikki Reed, Drake Bell, and Drew Seeley all appearing in the song’s video, it’s sure to attract attention and remind the world that “MMMBop” (while still a work of art) was fifteen years ago and their new, post-pubescent music deserves a shot too.

The cast isn’t just a random group of actors; they were all recruited because they were fans of the music!  According to AOL Music:

” Hanson has known Nikki for a few years, Kat recently reached out to the brothers via social media to tell them she’s a huge fan!”

Check out the preview video below and join me in the anticipation!

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