Bye Bye Britney – Pop Princess Quits X Factor

It’s official: America’s pop princess, Britney Spears, has announced that she is quitting her gig as a judge on the hit TV talent series, X Factor.  Amidst rumors of trouble with Simon Cowell, the king of nasty and one of the show’s creators, our beloved Brit Brit took it upon herself to squash the gossip and quit X Factor before things got any worse.  It is indeed a sad, sad day for television.

But before you completely drown in misery, there IS an upside to Britney’s leaving…


No one can argue that Britney’s hits have been greatly missed in recent times (and if you think you don’t miss her, stop lying to yourself,) with the singer only being featured in Will.I.Am’s new song, (which was “eh” at best.)  Luckily, sources close to the star say that the singer will not only be working on a brand-spankin’-new album, but is preparing to go on a WORLD TOUR in the near future!

So, while it’s a bad day for television, it’s really an awesome day for everything else…and that TOTALLY works for us!

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