Motorhead – Aftershock

Motorhead Aftershock

Grab a bottle of Jack and some cocaine, because Motorhead is back with a brand-spankin’-new album, “Aftershock!” The record is Motorhead’s 21st studio album (yes, really,) and they have not lost any of the rock ‘n’ roll spirit over the years.  Filled with growled-out lyrics, face-melting riffs, and thunderous drums, “Aftershock” is reminiscent of old Lemmy and the gang, and proves that metal is alive and well. Songs like the first track, “Heartbreaker,” start off with a Black-Sabbath-esque intro before diving into the hard sound that the band is known and loved for. Lemmy, now 67(!) shows his softer side in the track, “Lost Woman Blues,” which sounds like a gloriously crunchy mixture of Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top, and is sure to become an instant-classic. Motorhead perfectly embodies the likes of Metallica and Slayer in the final track, “Paralyzed,” with finger-destroying guitar solos and deliciously ferocious lyrics that are promised to make even the quietest little mouse want to get drunk and cause destruction. As a whole, “Aftershock” is some of Motorhead’s best work yet, and is an absolute staple for any metal fan. Crank the speakers and rock out!

Motorhead Lemmy Rock On Gif

See? Even Lemmy says so.

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