EDM Reality Show In The Works By “Jersey Shore” Producer

Well…this should be interesting.  The producer responsible for the always-classy “Jersey Shore,” is now in search of the next superstar DJ (rudely ignoring Pauly D’s super-serial DJ career, might we add.) A worldwide casting call offers very few details on what is sure to be the next hot-mess-express of television, only giving the simple description of, “the first electronic dance music reality/competition show.” The submission form asks questions such as “Would you consider yourself a ‘technical expert’ or ‘creative performer’? Justify your choice!” and, “What obstacles have you had to overcome to pursue your dream of becoming a DJ?”

While the casting form may be friendly and intriguing, people may want to really think about what they are getting themselves into.  An interview with casting director Doron Ofir (other credits include “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” and “Paris Hilton’s My New B.F.F.”) in 2010 reveals his casting technique as “when people come in they have complete misconceptions about themselves.  We do our thing, getting them to reveal themselves in the worst way.”  If that lovely comment isn’t enough to make people think twice, the fine print of the casting call reads, “I acknowledge that such use [of my image, etc.] may expose me, my family, and/or others to public ridicule or embarrassment, and may contain information, statements, or representations relating to me of a personal, private, disparaging, embarrassing, and/or unfavorable nature, all of which may be summarized, edited, or modified in a manner that may be misleading or untrue.”

But hey, if you can look past all of that, feel free to submit/sign your life away at edmcasting.com.  YOLO, we guess.

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