HolySexyBastards – Devil Woman

HolySexyBastards Devil Woman

For fans of: Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, The Darkness

There are a few basic requirements you have to have in order to maintain a successful band: great sound, solid musicianship, and a rad name.

Luckily for us, HolySexyBastards have all three.

The Venezuelan trio will blow you away with their newest album, “Devil Woman,” released independently on BandCamp, here, back in 2013. Kicking off with the raw, gritty title track, “Devil Woman,” HolySexyBastards tell of a gold digger, seething, “I ain’t got the money to pay for luxuries, I ain’t got the time to understand…I ain’t got no soul to give away, the only one I had I gave to her…” The vocals are reminiscent of The Darkness, while the instrumentals sift through mounds of reverb to create the perfectly combative opening track.

Next up is “The Punisher,” a surprisingly tamer track who’s sound can be likened to early The Vines and early White Stripes. “Sick” sees HolySexyBastards back in their musically aggressive element, while serenading listeners with a tale of a toxic love. “There’s a problem with me, something I cannot see, my friends, they tell me that I am sick…Now you have to decide if you want to stay or leave me, hanging like she always used to do…”

The aggressively romantic feel bleeds into “Let’s Make Babies,” and “She’s My Girl,” before slowing it down for the reggae-meets-tango sounding track, “First Love.” “First Love” is an adorable tune dedicated to the bands first, last, and only love: music. “Well, cause I lost my girl to music again, and I’m ready to lose many more,” they croon, “cause music was my first love…”

“Damn Blue Chevrolet” deals with familial issues while noticeably channeling Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, before going rockabilly in “Better Than Me.” “Good Days,” “Flaws,” and “Waiting For Hell,” all cover the subject of good ol’ heartbreak, before wrapping up with the half-English-half-Spanish “Diablo,” blending the album full circle by embracing the band’s two languages. We can’t WAIT to hear more!

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