Saves the Day Announce New Tour & Drummer + Post New Song!

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Do you have a case of the Mondays?  Don’t fear!  Saves the Day is here to do just what their name implies with a BUTTLOAD of announcements and goodies!  Full tour, new member, new song from their now mastered album…um, praise Mondays!

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Here is the full statement from the band, because their choice of words and excitement cannot be properly conveyed through a short summary:

We’re just gonna tell you everything at once because we’re friends and we just have to let it out. WE’RE DOING A HEADLINE TOUR AND DENNIS WILSON IS OUR NEW DRUMMER AND ALSO BOOM HERE’S A SONG OFF THE NEW RECORD. Yup.

This is our first headline tour in who knows how many years. We’ve been waiting for this. You’ve been waiting for this. Well… wait no more (just till September – but presale is available NOW)! We’re playing oldies, deep cuts, and lots of new jams from OUR NEW RECORD. You all have breathed a lot of life into this record, and we can’t wait to be in these rooms with you, singing the old and new songs together. We’re gonna lose our goddamn shit. You’ve seen some recent setlists making the rounds on the interweb – we’re gonna go even deeper. We’ll be joined by INTO IT. OVER IT. and HOSTAGE CALM on all dates. We picked these bands because we like them and we like what they’re about. Know about them. Go on and say hi, they’re top blokes.

Speaking of Top Blokes, say hello to Dennis Wilson. You may have seen him play all of our 2013 shows with us so far. He’s already been initiated into our little pirate gang, he hits the sound-cylinders with power, and he digs Quicksand, Led Zeppelin, Elliott Smith, and Superchunk. He fits right in. Maybe you’ve seen him drum for EVERY AVENUE or THIS IS HELL? We’re keeping him now. Go on and welcome him into the family! @thedenniswilson

Speaking of family, we’re excited to see all of you – you guys became part of this album and we’ve leaked some snippets and nuggets over the course of us making this thing. Finally, here’s a song we can share with you. It’s called #REMEMBER. Turn it up. Share it. Hug your friends. Take a picture of a dog. Do the gorilla. See you on tour! #PUNKTHEFUCKOUT

“BOOM” was right!  You can find all of the dates/ticket links, as well as the stream for “Remember” here!  Another great song from one of my favorite bands ever a great band.  Screw July and August, let’s get this tour on the road!

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