Steel Panther To Play At “Chadvril’s” Wedding

Steel Panther Lexxi Foxx Satchel Michael Starr Stix Zadinia

It’s a fact of life: Steel Panther is one of the most romantic bands out there.  With songs like “Weenie Ride,” “It Won’t Suck Itself, (featuring Chad Kroeger)” and “Asian Hooker,” it only made sense for the heavy metal hair heros to be invited to perform at what some (AKA comedians) are saying will be the “wedding of the century:” the wedding of Chad Kroeger (Nickleback,) and Avril Lavigne.  The couple that the world has affectionately named “Chadvril,” will be joined in Canadian holy matrimony later this year, and even got a personal video message from Satchel and Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther accepting their wedding invitation.  In Panther’s usual hilarious form, the duo declares, “WE’RE GOING TO A WEDDING!” Satchel takes it one step further by explaining:

“We’ve never been to a wedding before … obviously nobody in our band has ever gotten married, none of our parents ever got married. I don’t even know who my Dad is.”

D’aww, Satchel, you always know just what to say.



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