33 High School Students Suspended For…Twerking?!

Lady Twerk Wallpaper

To some, twerking is an art form. To others, twerking is an attention-grabbing technique.  Unfortunately, to 33 unlucky San Diego Scripps High School students, twerking to them will be forever known as the booty-poppin’ dance that got them suspended. The group was suspended after a video was posted on YouTube, and word got out that it was filmed during the school’s sixth period, AND shot with school video equipment.  The soundtrack to the video being YG’S “You Broke” also ended up being part of the issue, as the school claimed it was against their “zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy.”


After hearing the news, fellow students took to social media to spread the word of the suspension, one that still leaves the seniors in jepordy of not being allowed to attend graduation.  DJ Diplo created his own hashtag as well:

Diplo Twerking Twitter

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Diplo.  I’ve decided to show my support as well, in the best way possible: with a twerking gif dump.  Enjoy!

Lady Twerk Gif

Funny Gif

Spongebob Squarepants Squidward Twerking Funny Gif

Tumblr Gif

Twerking Like A Sir Gif

Scooby Doo Velma Twerking Gif

Harry Styles One Direction Twerking Gif

Miley Cyrus Twerk Gif



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