Avril Lavigne Goes Complicated for ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ Video

avril lavigne, here's to never growing up
Yes, the video for Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s to Never Growing Up” is here, and no, that screenshot is not from her eleven year old video for “Complicated.”  Yeah, I know.  Avril is making a point and she’s sticking to it.

The music video takes place at an ever-so-classy prom being held in a high school gym.  Lavigne and her backing band are the musical entertainment for the evening, but the singer fits the role of hot mess prom queen perfectly with her smudged makeup and badly teased hair.  She turns the sullen event into a full out party with sparklers, streamers, spray paint, and whatever else you’d need to ensure your expulsion right before graduation.  Everyone is dancing, running, and jumping in pools, and having the time of their lives.  Bet those smiles were wiped right off their faces when they remembered they had to return their rented pastel tuxedos the next day.

Lavigne really drives the point of the song home when she’s seen skating through the hallways in almost the exact same famous outfit from her “Complicated” video that had teen girls sporting ties and brushing gender roles right off their shoulders when it was released.  Avril looks almost exactly the same, even at 28, and we’re starting to question if she’s physically even growing up at all.  She, Jared Leto, and Keanu Reeves have some sort of anti-aging secret they’re keeping from us.

While I’m not sure that I’d ever want to relive high school, Avril sure looks like she’s having a good time in the video.  Whatever floats your boat, girl.  I just have one question: WHERE WERE ALL OF THE CHAPERONES???

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