Watch Tiesto’s New Acer Ad

tiesto, acer
Straight off his collaboration with Guess, Tiesto is using his music and image again to endorse new products.  This time around, the DJ appears in a commercial for the Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook.

The full ad is about three minutes long and focuses around Tiesto and his bad luck-ridden assistant, Vernon.  Vernon uses the convertible Ultrabook throughout the video to organize the DJ’s rider, video chat, and even help himself into the concert.  He also plays music on the computer, imaginatively living out his dream as a live producer to an almost empty room…until the room fills up and Tiesto is stuck in the crowd…GASP.  Model and actress Poppy Delevingne also appears in the ad, conveniently with an Acer product of her own.

The commercial tells us that “nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams,” as demonstrated by Vernon.  The next time I see Tiesto, I’ll have to use that as an excuse to get on stage and do a little DJing of my own.  Thanks, Acer!

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