POW! Tomorrowland Gets Its Own Comic Book Series!

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As if Tomorrowland wasn’t already one of the coolest music festivals in the world (especially with the creators’ announcement of TomorrowWorld), its now getting its own four issue comic book series!  MUST. GET.

Okay, the first issue isn’t out until July 17, but let me tell you why you should be excited.  The Tomorrowland comic series will center around DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, “two young stars who have become the public face of the Tomorrowland festival.”  The two heroes will adventure to “save the vital spark of creativity” of the festival “from the forces that would destroy it.”  The comics will also explore the idea of two worlds: one that can be seen, and one that can be sensed.  There’s more to it than that:

In these two worlds, we each carry two avatars – one embodying destruction, one connected to creation. This is the way of the universe. But creation and destruction wage an eternal war for the energy we carry inside us. It’s a war that we are rapidly losing…

Sounds like a giant acid trip an exciting concept.  P.S. comic lovers, Eisner-award winning writer Paul Jenkins (Spider-Man,Darkness, Sentry, Inhumans, Wolverine: Origin, Batman) worked with the art team at Stellar Labs (John Carter, Hulk, Superman, Power Girl, Cyber-Force, Heavy Metal) to create this colorful, limited edition journey.

Going to the real Tomorrowland fest?  The events of the story are supposedly going to “play out in the real world.”  How cool is that?!

You can pre-order Tomorrowland here (and check out some panel previews).

Tomorrowland Cover - P 2013

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