Big Time Rush Goes Oldschool In New Video

Big Time Rush New Video

What’s better than old fashions and boy banders? NOTHING.  Which is why it is my absolute pleasure to show you the brand-spankin’-new Big Time Rush video, “Like Nobody’s Around!”  The video is ripe with fashions from throughout the years, from timeless classics like their Buddy Holly-esque suits, to looks we wished never happened like full-graphic Vanilla-Ice imitating sweatsuits.  The fab four also pay tribute to fellow boy band N*Sync in a 1990’s-tastic “Bye Bye Bye” dance sequence, and also manage to throw back to the 70’s in a Jackson 5-inspired psychedelic jam session.  Overall, both the video and song are an adorable single that will have you up and dancing in no time.  You can check out the dance extravaganza below!

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